Bali offers not just various customs but also various adventures parks. Many exciting amusements are available in Bali, with something new opening all time. The number of offshore and inland attraction are on the rise because many tourists want them. Adventure Activities in Bali by Bakas adventure offer you to join our tour program such as:
Experience Bali most exciting and spectacular actions. Get Drawn in and Choose amongst: Bakas Levi Rafting, Bakas Elephant Tour, Jungle Trek, Trip to Village or Cycling.
All our services are with international standard safety, equipments and guides applied. Covered also with insurance
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Bali is one of thousands of islands constituting the Indonesia Archipelago that has long been renowned as an eminent tourist destination in South Pacific, Many names have been given to this beautiful island, like, The God Islands , the last paradise on earth, morning of the words and so many other name for Bali.
It has for centuries lured visitors from various countries with exotic and vibrant culture, natural scenic beauty, and the friendly smiles of the people and the stronghold of their tradition and belief based on Hinduism has dotted the island with ancient remains, ornately sculpture temples or holly places and this was the main factor to keep away from negative outside influence.

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